Summary of Decree No. 25987 - MEIC
Ministerio de Economía Industria y Comercio
Economy, Industry and Commerce Ministry

All the textile products, in reference of the present regulation, should be labelled or marked for any commercial purpose, concerning the industrial and trading cycle. The labelling process could be only replaced or completed with additional commercial documents, whenever the products are not for sale for the final costumer or when they are delivered as a special order of the State or any other juridical person with public rights.

The textiles, apparel and accessories should present the following information permanently attached to each garment in a visible place for the costumer to see. Labels must have:

4.2.1 Name of the manufacturer or importer
4.2.2 Commercial trade mark (optional)
4.2.3 Fiber contents (percentages)
4.2.4 Size
4.2.5 Washing and cleaning instructions
4.2.6 Country of origin