The Costa Rican Textile Chamber represents the Textile Sector in Costa Rica. CATECO (for its initials in Spanish), was established on May 22nd, 1992. The Chamber's main purpose is to support the country's Textile Industry, as well as represent small, large, local and international companies, for the improvement of the work environment of the Textile Sector.

CATECO offers huge affiliation advantages to all its members:

CATECO does a strong promotional work for its member companies in order to improve and increase the development, quality and efficiency of the textile industries.

CATECO upholds social, economic, political and commercial interests of the Textile Sector before the Parliament, Government institutions, the Costa Rica Foreign Trade Corporation or any public and private organizations through its Lobbying Commission. This commission acts like a catalysis to solve any problem that could affect its members directly or indirectly.

As an organization that assembles very important companies of the Textile Sector, CATECO offers strategic alliances to all its members, as commissions, committees and discussion groups to enhance the sectors representation on any social, political, economic or commercial matters. On the other hand, CATECO has a very close relationship with other chambers in order to encourage mutual support and collaboration.

The Costa Rican Investment and Development Board (CINDE), does a very strong work to promote foreign investment in Costa Rica, in coordination with CATECO, the Costa Rica Foreign Trade Corporation (PROCOMER) and the Quota Council.

CATECO organizes and/or coordinates special activities on different local and international subjects related to the Textile Industry, such as informal lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences, among others.

CATECO submits permanent and updated information to its members through its web site, fax memos, e-mails and free distribution of magazines and press material related to the textile arena. Likewise, CATECO gives out constant information of any local or foreign exhibitions and shows, as well as possible requests for clothing manufacture.

CATECO coordinates and awaits the foreign commercial missions interested in the Costa Rican Textile Industry. The Executive Director looks forward the reception of the missions, as well as the promotion of businness meetings with local companies.

CATECO gives support to all its members through the Executive Director Department, for the resolution of conflicts with either political or commercial entities, as well as customs house, enterprises and businessmen. The Executive Director and Board of Directors look forward to improve agreements and negotiaion, in order to solve any inconvenient situation through dialogue, conciliation and mutual understanding.